Audiobook Review – Zach

Author: Lilly Atlas

Narrators: Noah Michael Levine and Erin deWard

Series: Hell’s Handlers, Book One

Length: 8 hours 24 minutes

Publisher: Lilly Atlas Books LLC

Released: Jul. 23, 2018

Genre: MC Romance

Toni’s no stranger to making mistakes. She has experienced firsthand how walking down the wrong path can send life spiraling out of control. Fortunately, she had someone to drag her from the gutter and help set her on the right track. As penance for the poor choices of her past, she pledges to suppress her baser desires and focus on finding a steady, dependable man, even if that means embracing a boring lifestyle.
The last thing anyone would call Zach is dull. As Enforcer for the Hell’s Handlers MC, he embodies the outlaw lifestyle. When Toni moves in next door, Zach can’t resist the possibility of a quick, hot fling. But he soon discovers she’s not the easy conquest he’s used to.
While Zach works to convince Toni she belongs in his bed, a tenuous relationship with a local gang disintegrates and threatens his MC family. Zach’s world is turned upside down when he’s unable to keep the danger from touching his club.
As Toni fights to resist Zach’s pull, her own peace is shattered by demons from her past. With enemies both old and new barreling down, she throws out her rules and turns to Zach for aid. Soon, she finds herself firmly entrenched in Zach’s dangerous world.
Is it possible for her to curb her desires, or is she doomed to repeat the mistakes of her past?
None of it will matter if Zach can’t keep their enemies at bay.

Lilly Atlas is the contemporary romance author of the award-nominated No Prisoners MC series. She’s a proud Navy wife, mother of two spunky girls, and one crazy pug. Every time Lilly downloads a new EBook, she expects her Kindle to tell her it’s exhausted and beg for some rest. Thankfully that hasn’t happened yet, so she can often be found absorbed in a good book.


Narrator Bio

Noah Michael Levine is an Audie Award-Winning audiobook narrator and producer living in beautiful Nyack, NY. His over 180 titles include almost every genre. While he loves his work completely – and collaborating with all kinds of different authors, he does not love writing about himself in the third person.


Narrator Bio

Erin deWard is an Audie Award-Winning narrator with over sixty titles in genres ranging from Spirituality to Young Adult to Adult Contemporary and others. She’s worked on stage, screen, and behind the mic for over thirty years. She is beyond grateful to have come to this place in her life and thanks all of the people and organizations that sped her on her way.

In addition to her love of acting, Erin is passionate about her work as an audio describer, translating visual images in media and performance into aural pictures for people who have low or no vision. She studies and performs Shakespearean text and can most frequently be seen cavorting onstage with The Strange Bedfellows, the adult troupe of the Children’s Shakespeare Theatre of New York.

Erin lives in lovely Nyack on Hudson, New York with her husband, daughter, sometimes her college-aged son, and two ill-behaved but loveable dogs, Annie and Benevolio.

Proud member of SAG/AFTRA


This was a one hell of a surprise for an audiobook. This book is a duet narration. I have read a lot of duet narrations before. Typically at either the woman or the man narrating the chapter that is for the main character they are assigned to. So for example in Maybe someday by Colleen Hoover there is a duet narration and. Each chapter is assigned to either the main character Sydney or Ridge. Both voice actors would read the chapter assigned to the main character that they were supposed to be reading for. What caught me by surprise with this duet narration is the fact they had both Erin and Noah were narrating in each other’s chapters. So when the chapter was suppose to be Toni’s perspective Noah would jump in and voice the Male characters. So it creates an interesting narrative throughout the whole listening experience. I can tell that a lot of time effort went into putting this whole audio book together. For me this really enhances my experience as a reader. I know that the sound technician to put all of the audio together put a lot of time and effort into it.

Lilly Atlas can tell one compelling story. She really gets in there and messes with your emotions. Just after finishing this book when I should have been sleeping, I went to Audible and downloaded her No Prisoner MC series. Lilly really makes a name for herself in the genre. If you have been a reader of this book over nine or ten months you know I love my MC books.

Erin DeWard did such an amazing job. This is the first book I have heard her voice before. Her tone was always even and her performance of Toni and every female she.voice was fantastic. She has been added to my auto-buy list. Her voice really did compliant Noah’s voice really well.

Noah Michael Lavine is a wizard and a master of the Irish accent. There is a character copper who is from Ireland and the accent is hard to replicate. Noah does a phenomenal job. I’m really picky when it comes to Male voice actors but he had my heart pound. Love his deep voice.

Together these two are just magic. This audiobook gave me a very interesting listening experience and just left me wanting more. I really thing more audiobooks should do more of this duet style narration where no matter who’s POV it is they let the man narrate for Male characters and the female narrate for for the female characters. Totally 5 out 5 from and would recommend this audiobook who loves MC books

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Lilly Atlas. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

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Audiobook Review – Their Vampire Princess

Hello, wonderlandians. I am back with an audio book review for you today. I know I have been kind of absent this month. I a getting ready for next week. I have been planning all month and I am really happy with the content that I have for you next month. Once I get situated with school I will be back in full swing. Promise. Now on with the review.

Authors: Harlow Thomas & Anastasia James

Narrator: Lacy Laurel

Length: 7 hours and 10 minutes

Publisher: Harlow Thomas

Series: Their Vampire Princess, Book 1-4

Released: Apr. 19, 2018

Genre: Paranormal Romance; Reverse Harem

This is a bundle of all four of the episodes of the Their Vampire Princess series with never before published material.

Included titles:

As the vampire princess of the Night Court, it’s my duty to choose my prince from four human men, willing to be mine.

All I have to do is choose one to crown.

I never expected to fall in love.

Not with one.

Certainly not with all of them.

Do I abandon my destiny in order to keep my men, or do I risk it all and rewrite the rules?

Harlow Thomas loves reading and writing steamy romance about sexy men who love the same woman. Why choose when you can have them all?


Narrator Bio

Lacy lives the life of a full time wife, mother and household manager. Needing a temporary escape from time to time Lacy returned back to her first love – reading! After devouring everything she could get her hands on she thought, -what if she could mix her love of performance and literature in a professional capacity? Once getting involved in the world of book narration she quickly became hooked and when not with her family you can find her in her studio working hard to grow in her own storytelling abilities.


This is the second reverse harem novel I have ever read and the best part of it is that it was four books as a set. Now, if you go to Audible and you look at how much time it is for each book then it is a little more that two hours long. These are some short books. So if you have an afternoon free I would totally get these books. One thing to mention is that if you have the Audible Romance Package then you can get books 1,2,4 are in that package.

I won’t go to much into the story and if you read the synopsis above you will get an idea of what the story is about. Harlow Thomas has an amazing talent for writing short stories but packing a real punch in just over two hours. As the Mistress of the Underworld and just and all around vampire fan I loved these books. It brought a new spin to a classic vampire story that I have not seen before. Through out the books you will notice that there are different points of view and the are all voice by the talented Lacy Laurel. 

Lacy Laurel is an incredible voice actress. The tone of her voice is so calming and smooth. It kind of remind me of milk chocolate. Weird description I know but like milk chocolate to me is comforting and that is what her voice does. When she is voicing the different characters there is a slight difference to her voice so sometimes it’s hard to tell who she is voicing for. In my last audio book review I mentioned that I listen to the books on a higher speed because I think audio books can be a little slow. Thankfully when I speed up the audio it did not distort her voice at all. 

This is the first time I am listening to anything from Lacy Laurel I would love to hear more books that she has lent her voice for. The sound quality  of the whole production was very professional the sound was consistent throughout my whole listening experience. There  was no audio dubbing, no awkward silences between the chapter everything flowed. The one thing that I really liked is that there was not music in the beginning of the book. I always find that it is to loud and I can’t hear the opening of the book. I would totally recommend the audio book instead of the physical copy. Always.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Lacy Laurel. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.


Their Vampire Princess Giveaway: 3-Month Audible Membership

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Book Review – Jozi Flash

Hello, wonderlandians. I am down for a book review. Have you guys missed me? I’ve been gone for about a week I will have a post explaining why I took a week break. So onto this review.


So I need to start off by saying that this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. Now that we have that out-of-the-way let us get into this review.

I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I did find myself a skipping around a lot when reading this and since the stories are super short I found myself kind of speed reading a lot of them because they out where only about a page and a half long. I have to say probably my favorite part of this whole book was the first part that had to do with dragons. I don’t typically tend to read a lot of stories that have dragons in them so the fact that we’re getting a whole section just done dragons was kind of cool. I have to say I want a Seadragon myself they sound absolutely adorable.

The collaboration aspect of this is in sane. I think there is a total of about 10 others who kind of took place so my guesses 10 stories per part of the book. And it deals with a lot of different mythical elements that I found to be really intriguing. If you want a satisfying read at night I would recommend picking up this book. I felt like at the end of every short story I was ready to call it a night and go to sleep. I actually think it one point I did fall asleep while reading list because the stories are very reminiscent of fairytales so after he read a fairytale you’re kind of sleepy and you want to go to sleep.

Only me?

Every section has a common theme running through it. So when you read the first section it’s dragons. When you read The horror section of this book the common web and all the stories is ice cream. When you get to the romance action there’s a common word a grotesque. So while each story is definitely different you have that one a running theme through the book or something connecting all the books together. So it kind of feels like you are reading a cohesive story even though they’re all something different.

Jozi Flash 2017

It’s not quite the Gummi Bears, but it certainly bounces around a lot.
Jozi Flash 2017 combines the talents of ten brilliant authors with one gifted artist, to bring you a collection of 80 flash fiction stories across eight different genres.
From a children’s story about the folly of summoning dragons, to the horrors held in deliciously treacherous ice cream, the authors take you on journeys that weave fantasy and folklore together alongside practical detectives and everyday tragedy.
With stunning artwork prompts by Nico Venter, these South African authors have created an anthology that will leave you breathless.
Download Link –

Authors and Artist
Ten talented authors and one gifted artist joined forces to create an anthology of flash fiction stories that embody the multicultural melting pot that is South Africa.
For more info on the individual authors, take a look at their author pages here:

International Giveaway
Win free copies of eBooks by three Jozi Flash 2017 authors:
Beneath the Wax by Nthato Morakabi
1723: Constantine Bourgeois is a man of many secrets. Artisan by day, killer by night, he turns his victims into wax figures for his shop.
2045: Richard Baines works for the renowned Anthony Garfield Historical Museum. His mundane existence is a stark counterpoint to his fascination with serial killers and science fiction.
Constantine’s nightmares drive him to undertake a journey to uncover a long-forgotten secret. Richard’s research uncovers a company secret and the mystery of Madame Bourgeois.
Two men, two timelines, and truths that will only be revealed when they look Beneath the Wax…

Dim Mirrors by Carin Marais
Dim Mirrors is a collection of 39 flash fiction stories that open windows into worlds of fantasy and nightmare. Interwoven with images from mythology and folklore are the themes of love, loss, and memory. The comical “Not According to Plan” leads to more serious and introspective works like “Blue Ribbons” and “The Destroyer of Worlds”, while mythology and folkloric elements come together in stories like “The Souls of Trees” and “Ariadne’s Freedom”.

Sketches by Nicolette Stephens
Like art sketches, flash fiction stories are fleeting moments captured in a few hundred words.
In a world without men, the first boy child is welcomed as the saviour of his race; a cuckoo clock holds death and destruction in its beautifully carved figures; and a snowman holds a silent vigil of peace during war.
In this collection of 50 stories, illustrated with her artwork, the author delves into worlds of imagination and reality inspired by words and drawings.

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Book Review – Fury’s Kiss

Hello, wonderland in. Happy Sunday I hope that the start of your week is great. For me it’s about 10 AM so I have been up since six finishing this amazing book. I hope you guys really enjoy this review and I hope your week is going great and that I’ve inspired you guys to pick up this awesome book.

Author: Nicola R. White

Narrator: Elizabeth Tebb

Length: 9 hours 2 minutes

Series: New England Furies, Book 1

Publisher: Strange Roads Press

Released: Sep. 18, 2017

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Tara Walker dreams of more excitement than slinging plates of seafood for Cape Cod tourists, but as she learns when she is attacked and forced to fight for her life, fate sometimes has a funny way of giving you exactly what you wish for. Faced with strange new powers and embroiled in a murder investigation, Tara must now race to uncover the secrets of the ancient Fury that has woken inside of her – and of the evil that stalks her.
As if Tara’s life hasn’t gotten complicated enough, she is forced to ally herself with Jackson Byrne, witness to her assault and uncle to a pint-sized oracle whose fate is intertwined with hers. Skeptical, stubborn, and oh-so-sexy, Jackson wrestles with demons of his own. He is determined to ignore the attraction rising between them even faster than the body count, but like it or not, he and Tara need each other if they are to unravel the mysteries that surround them.

Nicola R. White comes from a small city on the east coast of Canada where ghost stories and superstitions abound. Although she is a lawyer by profession, her passion is reading and writing fiction. In 2016, Nicola’s debut novel, Fury’s Kiss, won the $10,000 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in Romance. She is currently producing her first graphic novel.

Nicola is a member of Romance Writers of America and Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada. She is a frequent guest and speaker at literary events such as Word on the Street and Hal-Con, the largest sci fi/fantasy convention east of Montreal.


Narrator Bio

I am a literacy specialist with experience performing in a number of roles. Having spent a great deal of time speaking publicly as both an educator and an administrator, I have accrued a varied skill set that I feel confident I can use to advance and advertise bodies of work. My passion for literature drives me to bring the voices within it to life.

  • Tell us about the process of turning your book into an audiobook.Fury’s Kiss was the first audiobook I produced. Since I self-published this book, I wanted to do the same with the audiobook. I used a marketplace service offered by for authors and narrators to connect and produce audiobooks that will be distributed through the site. Potential narrators submitted auditions and I selected the wonderful Elizabeth Tebb!
  • Was a possible audiobook recording something you were conscious of while writing?Absolutely! I always think about the possibility of my books being adapted into all sorts of different mediums, whether audio, film, graphic novel, or something else I haven’t thought of yet.
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?Elizabeth and I kept in contact by email and touched base every month or so, but I don’t like to micromanage anyone so I trusted her to let me know if she needed support from me. I provided her with a character sheet and notes about accents and pronunciation of some unusual names, but that was pretty much it! When she was done recording the book, I listened to the chapters and provided feedback for minor revisions.
  • How do you manage to avoid burn-out? What do you do to maintain your enthusiasm for writing?My problem tends to be the opposite of burnout – I always have more enthusiasm than time! I usually have several projects on the go at one time so that I don’t get bored with any one project in particular. Right now I am working on a comic book and a game script in addition to my usual romance writing schedule. For me, burnout is more of a problem in relation to my day job, so I have taken steps to make sure I have enough energy for my work as a writer (which is my real passion).
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?Of course! I love the way a good narrator can make you feel as if the story is coming to life. I also like the convenience of being able to multitask while listening to a good book. My favorite place to listen to audiobooks is in the car.
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?I don’t know that I did actually celebrate at the time. I am a lawyer by profession and I finished the first draft while I was studying for the bar exam. I started writing this book as a way to de-stress while I was in law school and didn’t start seriously thinking about publishing it until I had re-written most of it several times over. The real celebration happened when I published Fury’s Kiss and it won the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize a few years later.
  • In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a stand-alone novel vs. writing a series?As a reader and an author, I prefer a series to a stand-alone. From a reader perspective, if I like a book, I want more! From an author perspective, books in a series are easier to sell and readers seem to prefer them. It’s fun to create and explore a world in detail, although the con is that it can get hard to keep track of everything (especially if the series is based on mythology, like in the New England Furies series!).
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?Don’t give up! Even if it seems like things aren’t working out the way you hoped, writing is really just a numbers game. If you keep working at it long enough, you will eventually enjoy some degree of success, whatever that looks like for you. Learn as much as you can about the business side of publishing and never sign a contract you don’t fully understand. Finally, don’t compare yourself to other people. Roosevelt was right when he said that comparison is the thief of joy.

Nicola whites wrote an amazing story. I have found myself gravitating towards Greek mythology and fantasy-based stories recently. I don’t know if it’s just the kind of mood but I am really into it right now. Fury’s Kiss is an amazing story. I have never really thought about fury in terms of books before. I have seen a lot of TV shows that have to do with Greek mythology and furious were in them. I think Elizabeth Tebb really brings the story to life. When a voice actor takes on the role as a narrator for an audiobook I really honestly believe that they will either make or break the store him. It’s all about the experience when listening to an audiobook.

Nicola as I said wrote an amazing story. The overall mythology I found to be really interesting and I really want to sink my teeth into the next Book this way I can just keep myself immersed into this world. I really like the idea that furies aren’t just to these killing machines. I know that they are meant for revenge and justice. I learned that they can also help people and well into justice they can help protect people as well. They don’t need to just kill. To learn about the sisterhood of the fury is really cool. In some sort of way they kind of remind me of Valkyries I know that they’re not the same thing but if I had to think of something comparable it would be the Valkyrie. Again I know completely different jobs but at the same time Valkyries or women and there’s a sisterhood there and they need one another to help bring warriors to help that final battle. I would love to get more into the mythology side of all of this. And where the furies ever just themselves?

Also, I think I should’ve mentioned that this book in my opinion would be classified more as a new adult novel. So if you are under the age of 17 I would ask your parents because there are sex scenes in this novel so and they get pretty hot and heavy so please keep that in mind if you want to read this book I would definitely get the parents permission if you are under the age of 17.

This is just one of the many questions that I have and I hope that will be answered in one of the later books. I know that there are four books out total and this one that I currently read is the only audiobook.

When I was a kid I hated reading physical books so I always turn to audiobooks. Even as an adult I still prefer audio box to regular reading because to me it’s so much easier to visualize and I really think that Elizabeth does a very good job in Helping me create such a visual that is not only pleasing to me but really helps immerse myself in the experience of listening to this book. This is the first book that I’ve ever read by Nicola and this is also the first book that I have heard Elizabeth narrate.

Elizabeth does an amazing performance. Her voice is so rich and smooth that I had to stop myself from nodding off a time or to. For me this is a really good asset when it comes to an audiobook because it means I can just fully relax and let my mind wander back into this world and having a voice actor who is able to do that I love. I have a lot of go to narrators that I will listen to and a lot auto buy storytellers that I will buy their audiobooks. For me I just want to immerse myself in the box that they are narrating and Elizabeth has definitely become one of them for me. I will have to say though that I found the range of voices for males to be kind of limiting. There were a total of two different southern accents that were good and one British accent that I foundTo be authentic sounding. Now for me when I listen to an audiobook I typically tend to listen to it at double the speed or triple the speed. That’s just how I personally tend to listen to my audiobooks. When I do start off though I will started at 1.6 times the speed just so I can kind of hear what a narrator really sounds like and their speech patterns. When a voice actor tends to talk really fast I don’t have to speed up the audiobook too much because then I won’t be able to catch what they’re saying. Elizabeth when she speaks she enunciate every word so it’s a bit of a slower tone. Which is great for people who can’t really keep up with fast talking. I find for me that if a narrator talks a little slower it really impacts my view of the story. And I really don’t enjoy myself as much. Having the ability to speed up the track I find that for me it just makes it a more enjoyable experience.

When I first started listening to it I did hear a lot of white noise. And when Elizabeth was going into the fury’s Voice she had to make her sound more snake like and I found that when she exaggerated her ass a little bit I really didn’t like what I did to the audio. If that made sense when I did end up speeding it up I found that that went away. Another point I would like to bring up is that because I do speed up my audios it’s important for me that the tone of the story doesn’t change too much. I know that when you speed something up the voices time to go a little bit higher in page and it doesn’t sound like how the voice actor should sound. I have to say I didn’t find that with this book. Which for me is pretty phenomenon.

I would definitely highly recommend this audiobook to people who I love audiobooks or somebody who wants to get in to listening to audiobooks. Whether I can say I would prefer this over the physical book I definitely have to say I prefer this over the physical book. I have the choice I would always prefer to go for the audiobook.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Nicola R. White. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.
Fury’s Kiss Giveaway: 3-month Audible Membership

Also available from Nicola R. White

Man’s Ruin is available for adoption on the Adopt-An-Audiobook page!
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Book Review – Power of Five

Hello, wonderlandians. How are you guys today? I know I always say this but I am really excited for this review.

Power of Five Banner

Image result for power of five reverse harem fantasyAuthor: Alex Lidell

Narrator: Victoria Mei

Length: 5 hours and 27 minutes

Publisher: Alex Lidell⎮2018

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

Series: Power of Five Book Series, Book 1

Release date: Apr. 29, 2018

Synopsis: Four elite fae warriors. One mortal female. A magical bond they can’t allow – or resist.

Orphaned and sold to a harsh master, Lera’s life is about mucking stalls, avoiding her master’s advances, and steering clear of the mystical forest separating the mortal and fae worlds. Only fools venture into the immortal realms, and only dark rumors come out… Until four powerful fae warriors appear at Lera’s barn.

River, Coal, Tye, and Shade have waited a decade for their new fifth to be chosen, the wounds from their quint brother’s loss still raw. But the magic has played a cruel trick, bonding the four immortal warriors to… a female. A mortal female.

Distractingly beautiful and dangerously frail, Lera can only be one thing – a mistake. Yet as the males bring Lera back to the fae lands to sever the bond, they discover that she holds more power over their souls than is safe for anyone… especially for Lera herself.

Power of Five is a full-length reverse-harem fantasy novel.

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I am in awe of this book. When I first started it I didn’t think I would give it a five star rating to be totally honest. I thought it would be a three star from me. Alex Lidell takes you on a ride in this story. This world and magic system is other worldly. I have not read a reviser harm novel before this one. I own a lot of them but never actually sat down to read one of them. This whole genre really intrigues me. I have to say that I am living for it.

This story is about five people and the bond that they share.

Each one of these characters will get under your skin and you want to jump through the pages of the story and fight along side them or fight with them depending on where you are in the book.

Everything about there group works. I don’t want to give to much away because it’s such a short audiobook at 5 1/2 hours. The end for me though is what really solidified my rating for this book. I can’t wait to pick up the next book.


Victoria Mei is our voice actress for this book. This is the first book that I have heard Victoria narrate. I wanted to see what else she has done and I found on Audible she has done 12 other projects which I will check out most of them. Victoria’s performance was amazing. She had a lot of voices for all of the characters and most of her accents were amazing. I must admit that when she broke out into an English accent it was different and I found it was not my favorite of her accents. She does a Scottish one and it was perfect. By the end of the story though I really liked the British accent.

The sound quality was good and clear without any distractions. There was at points some inconsistent sounds levels in the book. This only added to the story. There was some white noise in the overall sound of the audio which added the feel and the intensity of the story. 

I would recommend the audiobook. This is my stances on any book. I have always like audiobooks better than physical books. To me when I’m listening to someone read me the book it takes me to another place and adds another level to the whole reading experience.

RH listens Webside Banner (1)


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Alex Lidell. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

headshotAbout the Author: Alex Lidell

Alex Lidell is the author of Amazon best sellers AIR AND ASH and WAR AND WIND (Danger Bearing Press, 2017) and an Amazon Breakout Novel Awards finalist author of THE CADET OF TILDOR (Penguin, 2013). She is an avid horseback rider, a (bad) hockey player, and an ice-cream addict. Born in Russia, Alex learned English in elementary school, where a thoughtful librarian placed a copy of Tamora Pierce’s ALANNA in Alex’s hands. In addition to becoming the first English book Alex read for fun, ALANNA started Alex’s life long love for YA fantasy books.


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Book Review – Greek Millionaire: Unruly Wife

hello, wonderlandians. I hope you are having a great Sunday night. Today I have a review for you over Greek millionaire unruly wife. So I hope you guys enjoy it I do have to start this review off by saying that this book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. As you guys know I am always honest and my reviews so I hope you enjoy and I will see you all in my next post.

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Greek Millionaire, Unruly Wife

A tempestuous fling…a marriage…a betrayal?

When Michalis Leonadis’ bride jumps ship at the first sign of rough waters, he’s annoyed. When she costs him a marriage and a billion-dollar deal, he’s furious; but when he discovers she ditched him whilst harboring a secret…he’s out for revenge.

Ex-model, Julia Armstrong gave up everything for Michalis but when she catches him with another woman, crushed, she jets out of his life. The proud Greek blasts back into her world seeking retribution—in exchange for a divorce, he demands she relinquish the one thing she cannot. Her daughter. Only one other bargaining chip remains…Julia herself.

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Ok, overall I liked this book. It was quick and easy to read. Which for me lately is what I’ve been going for in a book. I find that at this time of the year I tend to slow down with my reading and I need shorter books. I have reviewed a book for this other before it was called the Manhattan Cinderella. I thoroughly enjoyed that bug. I would probably have to give this book three stars. The reason being is because while I did enjoy the book and it was a quick read I found myself a little irritated. I had stupidly read some reviews before finishing the book and then I’m gonna have to agree with some of the reviews that I read. There was a lot of miscommunication and there’s bug and I feel that a lot of their issues could’ve been solved if our main character would have stayed and talked through the issues that occur in this book. I will say this though this book did teach me two things. One is that in a relationship you Need open and honest communication in. If you don’t have that then honestly what’s the point of being in the relationship. And these two characters never really had that open communication and I feel that’s where a lot of their problems fell together. Then the second thing that this book taught me why you need to not jump to conclusions. Which is what our did at the beginning of the book. So those are two things that I’ve learned from this book even though it is really short. I will have to say that I do feel it ended very abruptly.

I have so many questions for this author and I kind a want her to read the second book on this couple so I am able to get some kind of closure. The author doesn’t amazing job when it comes to writing. And I feel that this book needs more or it should’ve been longer honestly.

Sun photo-1Author Bio –  Sun Chara, an Amazon top 100 bestseller, writes sexy, hip ‘n fun contemporary romance for HarperImpulse. JABBIC winner, Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella launched her writing career, spinning the ‘global millionaires’ series’. She makes her home in southern California, and has appeared on stage/film to rave reviews in How the Other Half Loves, General Hospital, and McGee and Me. With aMasters Degree in Education, and membership in SAG/AFTRA and Romance Writers of America, she enjoys sipping Frappuccinos topped with whipped cream/sprinkles, and dancing on the beach…making everyday a celebration!

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Book Review – The Opal Blade And The Onyx Hourglass

Hello, wonderlandians. Today I have book review for you. I am so excited about this book. If you follow me and Instagram I have been posting about this book a lot. The author is a new to me author. She is very sweet. I have been talking with her daily in her author group. I must say the time that she dedicates to talking with her readers is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about this author.

I would like to state that this going to be a double review. So I will be reviewing the first book in the series as well as the second book in the series. As I know that my second review isn’t going to be as long as my first one. Because it is the second one in the series so I don’t want to do any kind of spoilers.

Lets get on with the review.

Image result for the opal blade kristy nicolle

When Sephy Sinclair is forced to sign a contract taking over her father’s business empire, she’s not happy. What she doesn’t know though, is that in having her Father’s legacy thrust upon her, she’s about to discover the secret lives of her parents, and most importantly that her lineage is steeped far deeper in ancient myth and magic than she ever anticipated.

Journey, with Sephy, through The Hollow and find yourself among the sinners of Mortaria, The Underworldian City ruled by a council of Gods made mortal. Here, she will seek sanctuary beneath a purple sun and vermillion sky, ruled by Haedes, a man broken beyond repair by an incident far too close to home.

Unfortunately for Sephy, it is Haedes alone who can teach her how to wield her newfound powers. Will he overcome his personal loss in time to save Sephy as she is hunted by the Demon Lords of Ancient, or will Sephy be used as a bargaining chip to bring Mortaria to its knees?

This book is perfect for those who love the style of Anne Rice, Jodi Picoult, and Angela Carter- including supernatural elements mixed in with high fantasy detail and stunning romantic storylines, which intertwine seamlessly to create a gothically dark otherworldly experience like no other.


Image result for the opal blade kristy nicolle


I really enjoy this cover I think it represents the content of the book while. Once you’ve read the book you will understand how the cover definitely plays into it. A lot of the time I see you covers that don’t have anything to do with the book and I think the person who made the cover and the author did a really good job of combining a vision and creating something that perfectly suits this story.


Let me start off by saying that this book is thick. Okay. We are talking 487 pages thick. It is a big book. If big books scare you as they do me most of the time don’t worry this is an easy read. Now I need to say that this book get very descriptive. I tend to stay away from books that get very descriptive because tends to bore me. I will be honest here. With that being said I don’t really read fantasy books. So this book took me a really by surprise. When I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and it takes you on this wild ride of emotions. There is so much that happens throughout the entire book that I don’t want to spoil anything. One thing that I do like is there is four Points of view from this book. Typically when an author times to write with that many points of use a lot of them I feel are unnecessary but I think to this story it is 100% valid for the author to put all of these characters together. Now I will say there was one perspective that wasn’t my favorite and I didn’t really connect with. The four characters are Sephy, Zion, loose who is Lucifer, and Pandora. The one that I have to say that I didn’t really connect with and honestly could’ve done without was Pandora. Although her point of you is kind of crucial to the story.

The one perspective I wish we could’ve gotten what is Hades in this novel. I absolutely love his character his dialogue is amazing. But I will go into that more when I talk more about Haedes.

Kristy does an amazing job of giving you a world. Yes there is a lot of world building. This is a fantasy novel people so get over that fact. I didn’t find myself getting bored at all with the world building because the way she writes it really does paint a picture and it plays out like a movie in your head. The way she describes the characters and the scenes it’s like she’s putting you there. So every point of you that pops up you are that character. That is a very hard thing to do in my opinion and the fact that this is an author who is Is relatively new to the scene is incredibly impressive to me. She has written 10 books and I think a year and a half. She has become one of my auto by authors anything she puts out I will buy it. Every book in her series is interconnected in some way shape or form so with every book you read it builds upon this Intricate world that she is building. She is working on the third book in the series. I will have my review for the second book down below so you guys can check that out as well. I felt they are doing a double review for this would’ve been a good idea because I don’t want to ramble. I will say the ending of this book it guts up.

Image result for Madelaine Petsch gifI honestly think that the girl who plays Cheryl from Riverdale would be the absolute perfect person to play Sephy. Anytime I picture her character this is who and my head is playing the character. Madelaine Petsch is perfect for the role. She plays a sassy and fiery character on Riverdale

There are three other characters in the book that I can’t really honestly picture anybody playing them. That would be Pandora Lucifer and Xion.

Related image

I picture Micheal Keaton as Haedes. Anytime that I read his dialogue he pops into my head. This character is so funny. Everything about him is comical. Thought I think of the Disney Hades. Michael Keaton plays beetle juice and to me at least that is the closest I can think of Haedes. I love it so much.

Honestly, I would recommend this book wholeheartedly so please go pick it up and support those are there she is one of the sweetest people that I have met. She’s very humble and her work is absolutely incredible.


Book Two

Now before I get into this part of the review book two was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. I have bought the book for myself as well. I believe in the author and just because the book was sent to me I have purchased my own copy with my money to support Kristy. Receiving the book in exchange for a review in no way changes my opinion of the book and I will be honest with you as I always am.

Image result for kristy nicolle

It’s been six months since Xion and Haedes began their search for The Book of The Dead, and with the arrival of a warning from above, they know they can’t be far from their goal.

Meanwhile in Mortaria, Luce and Thane are left scrambling to keep things running, putting their relationship under more strain than ever before and making Luce question her ability to wield the dark magic she finds so alluring. Then there’s Pandora, who has been quiet ever since that night at the colosseum, but why? Demon numbers are seemingly decreasing, and yet animalistic murders in downtown Chicago, which are leaving local authorities stumped, seem to indicate a shift in the way the Demon Lords are operating from the traditions they have observed for thousands of years.

Can Sephy be brought back?
And if she can, will she return as the sassy, sarcastic Sephy Sinclair we all know and love, or will something else entirely return from beyond the grave?



Now this cover is awesome and once again once you read the book you’ll understand the cover. It fits right in. It’s sort of mimics the first one which I like it’s the covers are consistent so if you have the paperback copy of the book then it’ll look great sitting on your shelf. The cover design or did an amazing job.


So book two. What can I say about books to buy this review is going to be about how this book made me feel. Reason being it is a second book and I don’t want to give any spoilers away. It’s like one good thing happened and then all hell breaks loose please excuse my Pun. I’m sorry while reading this book I wanted to throw my iPad across the room. It’s not a bad book at all quite the contrary it is a really good book. It builds and gives you more information from the first one. I found myself crying within the first three chapters of the book. Now is an author can make me cry within the first three chapters of a book this author is worth looking out for it. It takes the right kind of all there to invoke such emotions from me. And that’s what she does. Now we get all the same perspective is that we get in the first novel. And I said in the first book I really didn’t care for Pandora’s point of you. But as we get into the second book her point of you-you really should understand her character a little bit more and why she does what she does. I’m not gonna give it away by you really start to feel for this character.

I really don’t know where to go with this review because I have so many emotions where is this book in towards these characters and our main characters Sephy She goes through so much in this book and I really want to hold her in my arms and comfort her but I also want to slap her.

Lucifer goes down a dark path in this book. And you question why she’s doing it honestly I think she is having a bit of a mental breakdown in this book. After being warned her so many times to not go down there specific path she does and it really kind of makes you feel for her as a person. I was reading a review for the first book and something really resonated with me and I for the life of me cannot remember the name of the reviewer but the reviewer had said that the author makes the characters human. And I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

The whole basis of the story is to look at Greek mythology in a brand new way. One of the ways the author does a semi see this in the first book is taking a typical banshee and making them into an animal instead of a woman with pale skin and screaming. I honestly like the fact that Kristy is not afraid to kind of push those boundaries and make up new creatures out of the ones that we already know. It’s not that she’s disrespecting the banshee or the history of it it’s honestly putting a new spin on it. And I haven’t seen a lot of authors do this. At the same time as I mentioned up earlier in the post I don’t typically tend to read a lot of fantasy so if this is something that fantasy all there is to do please let me know so that way I can crack myself. I’ve read a couple fantasy books but never anything to this extent.

Her writing from the first book to the second book is very consistent honestly it doesn’t feel like you’re taking a break at all. Both books are out right now actually so once you finish the first book you can go right into the second one. Jumping into the second book because there is that six-month time get out it is very easy to ease back into the book. The world, in all honesty, it’s like you’re coming home. Because the first book takes you on such an adventure that once you jump into this one it’s like you are returning home to family. I love when books do that especially sequels. There’ve been some sequel is where I came back to it I was like what’s going on if you like almost a different story to me but that’s not the case with this.

I hope you have enjoyed both of these reviews.

Thank you all for joining me here in our little part of Wonderland. Please don’t forget to feed the unicorns on your way out.

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